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Corporate Services


We take great pride in exercising utmost financial responsibility when it comes to our operations.

This section aims to give a thorough explanation of the Corporate Services Department. 

Learning about this important part of organization introduces you to how our municipal institution works from a fiscal standpoint.

More importantly, information in this section will allow you to exercise your right to a transparent government.

The Corporate Services Department is responsible for important areas in that are of fundamental importance to our operations. These include:

  • Operating and Capital Budgets;
  • Financial Planning and Administration;
  • Payroll;
  • Information Systems with computers, telephones, internet, and office equipment;
  • The Information and Cashier Counter at Town Hall; 
  • The billing and collection of Accounts Receivable, Property Taxes, and Utilities, and;
  • Payments of Accounts Payables.

Our thrust for service is rooted on the idea of an institution that functions responsibly and transparently.

Learn more about this department by checking out the following sections: 

When it comes to where your tax dollars go, you can trust that we are doing our best to make sure that our services have your welfare in mind.