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Budgets and Finances


We believe that operational transparency is the cornerstone of a strong and responsible municipal government. Each year Town Council and Administration meet for Strategic Planning sessions. These sessions determine the goals and objectives of Council for the next three years by analyzing the costs and service level impacts of each of the decisions. Based on this Strategic Plan, the Town plans its operations with a 3-year Operating Budget, reviewed and adopted annually. Capital requirements are determined based on priority or need, availability of grants or developer contributions, and availability of reserve funding. The 10-year Capital Budget is also reviewed and adopted annually.

At the end of the day, we strive to be a fiscally responsible organization oriented toward service to our community. We are committed to involving you in this challenge as we progress into a stronger municipal government.

Want to know more? Please consult the following documents:

For any questions or concerns regarding our budgets and financing, please call (403) 823-6300 and we’ll do our best to address your inquiries.