How to Read my Water Bill |
How to Read my Water Bill


When talking about our utilities, being able to understand your water bill gives us the opportunity to be transparent with you regarding your account.

Your utility bill aims to provide you a summary of the costs that account for this basic service and, like any other financial document, it can be confusing at times.

This discussion can start off with the issue of dates.

January consumption is read at the end of January, billed about the 10th of February, and due on March 5th.

We always refer to the consumption month when discussing your bill. The consumption or service is identified on the top right corner of the bill.

The invoice starts with the opening balance, and the payments are generally not detailed, however the last payment date and amount is noted.

Every invoice has a “recycling charge” which is transferred monthly to the Recycling Association.

This is a monthly reminder to you, our valuable customer, about the importance of recycling portions of our waste.

In addition, the water and sewer charges all have a flat base rate per month.

This approximates the overhead costs of just having the treatment plants open and the maintenance on the pipelines.

Next is the metered or consumption portion.

The indication for water shows the current reading as well as the previous reading providing the consumption for the month while the indication for sewer is based on 80% of the water consumption.

This is to recognize that over the year, a portion of the water such as garden and lawn watering does not enter the sewage system.

The closing of the invoice indicates two values, the first being the current balance and the next including the late charge if the invoice is paid after the due date.

If you are registered with our pre-authorized payment plan, we will withdraw the amount owing on the due date.

This is noted on the right side of the invoice that you will receive monthly.

Please take the opportunity on occasion to verify the reading with your meter.

It is important to note that if you move your residence the utility account number will change.

If you are paying your bills with online banking, please make sure you have the correct account number.  

At the end of the day, small things like this allow us to make sure that we stay committed to providing you the best service. 

If you have any questions about your utility bill, please call (403) 823-1302.

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