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On August 4 2020, Council agreed to supply 1,000 "Dino Bucks" to retailers in the Drumheller Valley to encourage the wearing of masks whilst in stores and other indoor spaces.

This is a fun program to encourage the wearing of masks. Retailers at their own discretion will hand out Dino Bucks to a customer who is wearing masks and/or following sensitization protocols. Customers can then redeem these vouchers at participating stores where they may be used as cash. Retailers will be compensated at 90% of the value ($4.50) of the voucher. 

This is not intended as a program to be given out to every person who wears a mask. It is a positive way to encourage the wearing of masks rather than  penalizing those who don't. The Town of Drumheller wanted to create a positive way of encouraging people to wear masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and at the same time encouraging people to shop locally.

Here are some FAQs about Dino Bucks:

1) How long is the program running for? The program runs Aug 7th to Sept 30th. 

2) Do merchants limit the number they give in one day? Merchants can give as many dino bucks to as many customers as they please. We have suggested  to  handout one per group and only a few bucks out a day so that they last throughout the duration of the program encouraging customers to keep wearing masks in stores.

3) How will use be monitored, maybe a visitor that is visiting all the stores and getting one from each store? The Town does not have plans to monitor who gets the bucks.

4) Is it going to be limited to one voucher per transaction or could they conceivably collect several and then cash them in on one purchase? Limiting one voucher per transaction will be up to each retailer. Some retailers will be limiting what the vouchers can be redeemed on (such as Gift Cards, Medicine, Lotto Tickets, etc). This will be up to each retailer to determine.

5) Who gets Dino Bucks? It is up to the retailers and also our bylaw officers, Councillors and other town staff who will have some to hand out if they see someone wearing a custom mask that catches their eye or just seeing people who display great behavior to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Look out for the poster above which will be displayed in participating businesses who will be accepting Dino Bucks until September 30.

Here is a list of businesses who are taking part at the moment.

Dry Canyon Collectables

Faux Den

Jungling Works

VIC/WLD Gift Shop

S&J Fashions

Riverside Value Drug

Mark's Work Wearhouse

R & J Flowers

Ye Olde Tattoo Store

The Legion


H&R Block

The Spirit Within

Reality Bytes

Chamber of Commerce

Seapearls Ceramic Works

Badlands Gallery

Precision Hair Creations​

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