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clay studio
Whether you are experienced or a beginner, we welcome you to find out more about our studio!

Cottonwood Clay Studio is an established cultural organization whose mission is to ‘provide on-going Clay Arts education and activities to the community. 

Courses Offered

Cottonwood Clay Studio offers all classes and public studio space to adults, families, seniors, children, persons with varied disabilities, elementary, junior, senior and outreach school groups.

Cottonwood Clay Studio is an active public arts space, bringing in professional visiting artists providing facilitation in the following classes:

  • Tile Making;
  • Wheel Throwing;
  • Beginner Mosaic;
  • Intermediate Mosaic;
  • Children’s Classes;
  • Handbuilding;
  • Sculpture;
  • Jewellery, and; 
  • Glazing Technology. 


Membership includes studio time, use of tools, kiln, and glazes.

The annual fee for membership is updated each fall session.  We welcome members year round and offer both single and family memberships. 


Cottonwood Clay Studio has partnered with other Drumheller and area organizations such as:

  • Parent Link;
  • Drumheller Further Education;
  • Drumheller Seniors Services;
  • South Central FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) Art Mentorship Program;
  • Family Fun Committee (AADAC & FCSS);
  • Central PDD (Persons with Developmental Disabilities);
  • Art Sparks programs through Drumheller Public Library, Public School Programs (Drumheller, Morrin, Delia), and; 
  • Tailored art programs for the Drumheller Outreach teens, Home School families and Mental Health. 


For more information, please contact Yvonne at (403) 822-2127, email cottonwoodclay@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page

Cottonwood Clay 1
Cottonwood Clay 2

Art Gallery

The Drumheller Public Library presents a monthly art show in the Western GM Drumheller Gallery, located in the lower level of the Badlands Community Facility. 

2020 Shows

February 1 – 29
Wedding Dresses Through the Years - Drumheller Genealogy Club

March 1 – 31
Canadian Badlands Artists Association

April 1 – 30
Life Cycles (fabric art) with: Ilse Anysas-Salkuskas, Pat Strakowski Liv Pedersen

May 1 – 30
Dueling Lindas with: Linda Kasdorf (acrylics), Linda Milne (watercolor), Hugo Brees (sculpture), Hans Rhoner (sculpture)

June 1 – 30
Abundance - Collective Denevir with: Sabine LeCorre-Moore, Patricia Lortie, Doris Charest, Karen Blanchet, Daniele Petit

July 1 – 31
ACACA Alberta Wide Show - Alberta Community Arts Club Association

August 1 – 31
Heather Dawn Kemp (paintings)

September 1 – 30
Dan Wiebe (sculpture)s and Leila Bjerland (paintings)

October 1 - 30
Alberta Society of Artists

November 1 – 15
Drumheller & Area ASSET Development Coalition

November 16 – December 15
Audra Schoblocher (sculptures)

December 15 – January 31
Canadian Badlands Artist Association

To reserve the Western GM Drumheller Art Gallery or for more information, please contact Janet Mason (403) 823-1371  or janetm@drumhellerlibrary.ca

Dedicated to supporting an engaging environment for artistic exploration, the Badlands Community Facility invites you into their world of Arts and Culture.

Begin with The Western GM Drumheller Art Gallery!

This portal for artistic discovery features unique monthly exhibits that showcase local and international artists.

Create, explore and design at The Cottonwood Clay Studio!

Join them for classes and open studio evenings with over 135 glazes, wheels, an extruder and a slab roller.

The Drumheller Public Library is the perfect escape for those looking for valuable information, educational or cultural enrichment, or the next riveting novel!

It’s a magical place of the imagination just waiting to be discovered.

The Badlands Community Facility welcomes people across all of the arts to come together to learn, connect and share.

Covid 19 situation is changing rapidly please check back for further details. Learn more at Drumheller.ca/covid