Battle of the Sexes |
Battle of the Sexes


Join the Battle of the Sexes Challenge at the Drumheller Aquaplex or at the Badlands Community Facility or both! It's girls vs. guys! The challenge will be based on overall distance so every lap or stroke counts.  

Drumheller Aquaplex:  

When:  February 1st – 14th, 2018       Ages: 18+ years

Participants must swim a minimum of 2 lengths to a maximum of 700 lengths.  

Badlands Community Facility: 

When: February 15th – 28th, 2018      Ages: 18+ years

Participants must complete a minimum of 7 laps or 1 km to a maximum of 350 laps or 50 km on the running track or your cardio equpiment of choice.  

What do you win?

Particpants who achieve (and track) the minimum distance will be entered into a draw with combined Aquaplex and Badlands Community Facility particpating totals for a three month multi-facility membership for the winning sex, and a one month multi-facility membership for the losing sex.  


Click here for the Battle of the Sexes Rules and Guide Lines