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Drumheller’s central location, breathtaking landscape, state of the art community facilities and bustling tourism sector makes for a great place to invest and do business!

Our population of around 8,000 makes us the largest community on Highway 9 between Calgary and the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. 

Our great infrastructure includes impressive connectivity with 100mb download speeds though the Telus high speed optic line laid in 2015.

Over 25% of our employment comes from tourism with 500,000 visitors annually coming to our town to uncover the treasures of the valley. 

Another important industry is agricultureOur cereal farmers grow wheat, oats, barley, canola, peas and flax with much of our barley becoming beer. A number of the local restaurants purchase their beef locally.

Oil and gas production is still an important part of our economy with wells being managed by Drumheller based companies.

Drumheller has a trading area of over 40,000 and a population of 1 million within a 1.5 hour radius. It is only 90 minutes away from Calgary and Red Deer and 2 hours from Medicine Hat.

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 Location, quality of life, great infrastructure, a high quality industrial area, and 500,000 annual visitors make Drumheller something to ROAR about.

To learn more please contact, Economic Development and Communications Officer at 403-823-1320 or email