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  • Official Election Results 2017



    Official results

    School trustees 10.48

















  • 2017 Election Candidates Confirmed

    Pursuant to Section 35(1)of the Local Authority Elections Act, a Notice of Election is hereby declared for the office of Mayor and Councillor for the Town of Drumheller

    Nomination Day Results

    Mayor – 2 Candidates Nominated

    Heather Colberg

    Sharel Shoff

    Councillor – 17 Candidates Nominated

    Kristyne Demott

    Len Denbrok

    Margaret English

    Elizabeth (BJ) Gallagher

    Jay Garbutt (Incumbent)

    John Graham

    Lisa Justine Hansen-Zacharuk (Incumbent)

    Allan Kendrick

    Patrick Kolafa (Incumbent)

    Tony Lacher

    Fred Makowecki

    Tara McMillan (Incumbent)

    Dwayne Nagy

    Greg Polzin

    Peter Pierre Anthony Rhodes

    Kalon Sykes

    Thomas Victor Zariski (Incumbent)


    Election day is Monday, October 16, 2017

    Election day polling locations and advance polling dates will be communicated once details are finalized


    Barbara Miller, CPA, CGA, CLGM

    Returning Officer

    Director, Corporate Services

    Town of Drumheller

    224 Centre Street

    Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y4