Graffiti |


We have regulations in place to make sure that our town property is free from defacing marks that devalue our community.

Being knowledgeable of our by-laws regarding this matter means being part of the cause to preserve our community’s beauty.

Graffiti is defined as the application of any substance to a surface on both public and private property.

This includes not only ink and paint but also affixing paper, fabric, or plastic by any adhesive means which does not remove cleanly when pulled away from the applied surface.

It also refers to marking, scratching, etching or other alteration or disfigurement of any surface.

The markings may appear on all kinds of surfaces including, but not limited to, walls, fences, mail boxes, newspaper vending machines, signs, utility boxes, roads, sidewalks and windows.

The Town appreciates members of our community taking part in this valuable endeavor. If you would like to submit a report relating to graffiti, kindly click on this link.

Want to learn more about graffiti-related regulations in our community? Click here for the by-laws on this issue.

For related questions or concerns, please call our by-law officers for assistance at (403) 823-1363, our general Town number at (403) 823-6300, or our Emergency Hotline at (403) 823-2512.

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