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We have a variety of swimming lessons suitable for your child at the Aquaplex!

For our 2018 Winter Sessions, please click here.  

Our Spring 2018 sessions will be posted March 1, with registration opening at the Sports, Recreation and Arts Expo at the Badlands Community Facility on March 7, 4-7 pm.  Registration will be available online and at the Aquaplex beginning March 8th. 


Click here to jump directly to online registration.

Please note that all fees and lesson schedules are subject to change.

For infants and toddlers (4 months to 36 months), we offer the Red Cross Swim Preschool Program.

This focuses on teaching the parents how to be safe and have fun with their little ones in the water.

Levels are based on age as follows:

  • Starfish (3-12 months);
  • Duck (12-24 months), and;
  • Sea Turtle (24-36 months).

Cost: $35.00.


For the preschool age group (ages 3-5 years), we pleased to be offering the Red Cross Swim Preschool Program.

The program is designed to help your preschooler learn the fundamentals of swimming and how to be safer in, on and around the water.

Levels begin with Sea Otter, Salamander, Sunfish, Crocodile and Whale.  

What level should you register your child for?  Click here to see the conversion from the Aquaplex AquaKids program to the Red Cross Swim Preschool program.

Cost: $35.75


For the school aged participants (ages 6+), we offer the Red Cross Swim Kids Program

This program boasts 10 levels that starts off with learning the basics of how to swim, progressing to strokes and technique, and even low risk rescues.

When transitioning from the Preschool to Swim Kids, please note the following :

  • If your child participated in the AquaKids preschool swimming program and completed Jellyfish, please start your child in Swim Kids 2;
  • If they completed Dolphin, more so, please start your child in Swim Kids 3




Swim Kids 1-4


Swim Kids 5-7


Swim Kids 8-10



For the adult/teen swimmer, we offer drop-in lessons every Tuesday evening or Fridays at noon during the lane swim time.

Come in whenever it suits your schedule and pay per class ($16.50/45 minute class).

This is available to any level of swimmer, from the beginner swimmer through to those wanting to work on stroke technique.

Cost: $16.75


Is your child struggling on just their strokes? We offer 2 levels of stroke proficiency classes to focus just on those trouble spots. 

Stroke Development works with those in Swim Kids 4-6, and Stroke Improvement is geared towards those working on skills in Swim Kids 7-10.

Cost: $35.75

For those looking to fill the gap before they can start their Leadership courses, we offer the Canadian Swim Patrol Program.

It aims to provide enriched training for those who are ready to go beyond learn-to-swim.

It's levels, namely Rookie, Ranger, and Star continue to develop participants' swim strokes.

They also provide the skill foundation that prepares them for success in the Society's Bronze Medal Awards.

Each level of the program has three modules:

  • Water Proficiency;
  • First Aid, and;
  • Recognition & Rescue. 

Swim Patrollers work on content appropriate to their ability and interest.

Cost: $78.75

Junior Lifeguard Club (JLC) 

This program is for all youth between the ages of 8 to 15 years, interested in active living and having serious fun.

JLC members are encouraged to develop skills based on personal bests in swimming, lifesaving, fitness, knowledge, leadership and team work.

This program provides high activity challenges in an energetic "club" environment both on deck and in the pool.

Friends and family members can join together even if they are of different ages and abilities.

Members may also be introduced to competitive lifesaving activities.

Prerequisite: Swim Kids 6 or ability to swim 50 m continuously and tread water for 2 minutes.


JLC Logo


Where do I or my child start? We have never done lessons before? 




4-36 months

 Parented Starfish/ Duck/ Sea Turtle

3-5 years

Sea Otter

6+ years

Swim Kids 1


Adult / Teen Drop-in lessons


Swimming lesson price list:  

  • Red Cross Swim Preschool – Parented (ages 4-36 months): $35.75 - 30 minute classes;
  • Red Cross Swim Preschool (ages 3-5 years): $35.75 - 30 minute classes;
  • Red Cross Swim Kids 1-4 (ages 6+): $46.25 - 45 minute classes;
  • Red Cross Swim Kids 5-7 (ages 6+): $56.50 - 60 minute classes;
  • Red Cross Swim Kids 8-10 (ages 6+): $78.75 - 90 minute classes;
  • Drop-in Teen / Adult lessons: $16.75/class - 45 minute classes;
  • Swim Patrol: $78.75 - 90 minute classes, and; 
  • Stroke Proficiency classes: $35.75 - 30 minute classes.


You can register by coming in, over the phone, or through this link.

Please note that scheduling changes may also occur. For clarifications, kindly reach us at (403) 823-1322.

Private lessons are also offered if you would like to work one-on-one with our instructors.

Please call or stop in to the Aquaplex to set up private lessons.


Private Lessons (based on a 30 minute class)

1 person


Additional person

$15.75 + $5.25/additional person

Adult Private Lessons

GST to be added to above rates