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Regulatory in character, licensing provides us the opportunity to identify you needs and assist you when they arise.

Knowing about licensing saves you time and money in the issues of responsible pet ownership and entrepreneurship. Getting a license is not only a matter of meeting a requirement but having a strong connection with the Town for your business’ and pet’s benefit. Business licensing is based on the idea that your registration with the Town gives us a solid foundation for cooperation. Our business licenses allow us to protect and promote your interests as a local business owner. Pet licenses, on the other hand, are required primarily so that we can help identify your pets if they end up getting lost. This is a testament to our dedication to serve our community, whether they be our human or animal companions.

This section aims to explain the specifics of each kind of license as well as the registration and payment procedures that go with them.

Our business license and pet license sections are the best places to go for more information.

If you have questions regarding licensing in general, please call the general Town number at (403) 823-6300.

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