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Council closes inequitable program



December 11 2019

 During the regular meeting of December 9th, Council moved to repeal Bylaw 19.16. This Bylaw provided incentives for the early payment of the current year's property taxes. Repealing this bylaw will provide an additional $5,000 in savings, which will be allocated to other municipal services.

In practice the prepayment rebate program could not be fully accessed by every tax payer therefore council chose to close this inequitable program

"The savings to the Town of Drumheller while small in relation to its overall budget, speaks to council's hope and aim to save every dollar in tough economic times" explained Mayor Heather Colberg.

"I would like to take this opportunity to remind our ratepayers of the option to pay property taxes through our monthly payment plan. Enrollment in this plan spreads the cost of your annual property taxes equally over the entire year as opposed to one lump sum due August 31st," outlined Barbara Miller, Deputy CAO, Director of Corporate Services.For additional information or to sign up, contact 403.823.1314.

For more Information Contact:

Julia Fielding

Communications Officer

403 82301320

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