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Parking Charges Pilot a Success



​October 29 2019

Council approved the continuation of parking charges at the Hoodoo parking lot for 2020 with the rate of $2 per personal vehicle, and a new charge of $10 for commercial vehicles such as coaches.

Piloting Pay to Play options for parking was a strategic aim of Council in 2019. After investigating a number of options such as automated parking kiosks and volunteer parking, it was agreed to hire parking attendants at the Hoodoos parking lot for the 2019 season to pilot the program,

The program ran June 28th to September 8th; Thursday to Monday from 9.30am until 7.30pm, Attendants were supplied with handouts, maps and other brochures to provide information to the public.

Some of the facts from the program in 2019 are:

Total number of paying visitors: 20,670.

Total amount of fees collected: $41,627.95

Total Expenses (wages, equipment etc): $14,068.98

Net revenue: $27,558.97

"Council is thrilled with the success in this pilot. It has proven a great return on investment, with the revenue generated destined to improve this very popular area in our valley, without having to take funds from tax payers," said Kristyne DeMott, Deputy Mayor.

There were a series of recommendations made for the program in 2020, including

Improved signage and uniforms

Customer service training for staff

Develop a policy for coaches and communicate with tour companies on the parking fees

"We are thrilled about how the project worked this year. There are issues which we will work on rectifying for 2020," added Greg Peters, Director of Protective Services.

For more Information Contact:

Julia Fielding
Communications Officer

403 823 1320

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