Renumeration and Expense Allowance for Mayor and Council approved |
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Renumeration and Expense Allowance for Mayor and Council approved



 Following months of consideration, Policy No. C-01-19 Remuneration and Expense Allowance for Mayor and Council was adopted during the regular meeting of Council of September 16th.

The decision to do so came long after recommendations were first presented to Council by the Chair of the Elected Officials Remuneration Review Committee in December, just ahead of Bill C-44 coming into effect on January 1st.Bill C-44 eliminated the 1/3 tax exemption previously granted to those serving in the role of a municipal elected official.

"Council was not keen to consider a change in honorarium while asking administration for a 5% budget reduction and first wanted to get a true understanding of the negative impact that Bill C-44 would have" explained Mayor Colberg, adding "this decision, faced by councils across the country, was difficult; and so we wanted to be one of the last out the gate, taking the time to observe how other municipalities across the country were addressing the issue"

Administration completed their evaluation of the report over the summer and made recommendation to adopt the policy as was being presented.

"It is essential that Mayor and Councillor Honorariums are fair and equitable so as to not devalue the level of responsibility, the time that is dedicated and the importance of the roles that are held by our elected officials" stated Darryl Drohomerski, CAO.

"As with any position, fair and equitable remuneration is a key success factor in recruitment and retention.This policy update helps to adjust for the financial loss that has been experienced by our elected officials this year as a direct result of Bill C-44 coming into law" Barbara Miller, Deputy CAO, Director Corporate Services. "As Returning Officer, reasonable pay for the position is essential in ensuring ongoing interest and engagement.I am delighted that those who may consider running for council in future elections will do so knowing that our community fairly compensates those who serve as an elected official for the Town of Drumheller".

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Barb Miller

Deputy CAO/Director, Corporate Services

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