The Town of Drumheller to move forward on new water feature at Rotary Park |
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The Town of Drumheller to move forward on new water feature at Rotary Park



​July 8th 2019

 Following a report presented at the council meeting on Monday July 8th the fountain will not reopen, however staff, in consultation with the public, will start the process of looking at replacement water feature for this area.

Since the fountain has been filled at the end of May it has lost 1,600,000 litres of water, which is double the capacity of the indoor pool. As the fountain has been operated this summer, the amount of water leaking from the fountain has increased. The fountain and spray park share some of the same infrastructure and in order to not damage that equipment, it was determined that the fountain shouldn't operate any longer.

"As the water loss increased every time the fountain was switched on we felt we had no options but to stop operating the fountain. It is vital that we protect the remaining Rotary Spray Park infrastructure." outlined Dave Brett, Director of Infrastructure for the Town of Drumheller.

"This is a very difficult decision as the fountain is a much loved part of our community", explained Mayor Heather Colberg. "However it is clear the current fountain infrastructure is at the end of its life. We will be working with the public and community organizations, in early fall of 2019 to determine what kind of water feature to construct with implementation in spring 2020. We are excited to hear people's ideas and to make the area an even better place for people to spend time."

The fountain area will have some beautification work completed such as flower pots to make the area more attractive for the remainder of the summer. A request for proposals is being drafted this week for a company to work with the community to develop recommendations. People should look out for the public consultation sessions.

NOTES The report given to council is attached to the media release.

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Julia Fielding

Communications Officer


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