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Utility finances on track to being self-sustaining



​December 20 2019

 During the special council meeting of December 16th, Council voted and is committed to following the financing strategy which began many years ago to help make our water utility sustainable.

"The utility system is a vital part of the town's infrastructure and it is imperative to put money aside each year to deal with the depreciation of this infrastructure and any expansion or requirements because of new environmental regulations. This financial plan is on track however there is still work to do, especially on the sewage system. We will be reviewing the cost model in 2020 to determine if we can lower the increases to water rates in future years as we move closer to a sustainable utility," explained Darryl Drohomerski, CAO of the Town of Drumheller.

These fees will increase January 1, 2020 at 5% for water and 2% for sewer which will equate to

the average user an approximate increase of $2.93 per month or .10 per day.

($2.15 water + $0.78 wastewater)

"Administration works hard to ensure efficiencies are made whenever possible, however it is vital to put money in reserve to make investments where needed to maintain the safety of our drinking water and keep this plan on track," added Dave Brett, Director of Infrastructure Services. 

For more Information Contact:

Julia Fielding

Communciations Officer

403 823 1320


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