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June 10th, 2015

The new waterslide at the Drumheller Aquaplex opened June 5th, 2015. Due to the enclosed tube design and speed of the slide, rules for riders, as recommended by the manufacturer and are widely adopted by aquatic facilities across the country, differ from those that were in place for the old open tube slide. This new design also saves important deck space in the Aquaplex which allows for future upgrades and space for new programs.

With the Town of Drumheller, safety is first and foremost. Therefore, we would ask that you become acquainted with and respect the newly established rules below that must be adhered to for the enjoyment and safety of all:

  • One slider at a time
    • More than one slider can result in injuries during the slide trip
  • 42 inches or taller to ride
    • At this height, children are allowed to sit with their head above the water and are able to exit the slide with little to no assistance.
  • Feet first, seated or lying on back only
    • Going down head first can result in head or neck injuries.
  • Stopping on the slide is not permitted
    • Stepping on the slide can result in slipping causing bodily harm.
  • Exit immediately after sliding
    • This allows for the next slider to safely travel down the slide without a resulting collision.
  • Flotation devices and jewellery are not allowed
    • Flotation devices and jewellery can cause scratching and damage to the slide.
  • No swimming toys are permitted on the slide
    • Objects can cause obstructions and/or injuries on the slide.

In addition to the new slide requirements, due to an increase in lifeguard rescues of small children in the pool, Parent Supervision requirements have also been recently implemented.

  • Children under 48 inches in height require the direct supervision of an adult.
    • This is to ensure that children safety touch the pool bottom with their feet.
    • There have been an increased number of instances where small children have required rescue in the pool.
    • Children under 48 inches will be required to wear a wristband to indicate that they should be attending the pool with a supervising adult. Wristbands are a visual signal to lifeguards that there are small children in the pool.

These rules are widely adopted by communities around the Province of Alberta and are put in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment for sliders and pool users everywhere. Your safety within Town of Drumheller recreation facilities is absolutely paramount.



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For more information contact:

Paul Salvatore

Director of Community Services

Town of Drumheller

(403) 823-1324