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November 9th, 2015

Town of Drumheller Takes Action Against Beavers

The Town of Drumheller is committed to protecting trees near waterways and is taking steps to control the beaver population through Drumheller.

The Town of Drumheller Bylaw Department has been working with a contractor to help mitigate problems created by beavers in the Red Deer River through Drumheller. To date, the beaver population has been reduced near Riverside Drive, across from the old hospital. Town crews have wrapped dozens of trees with protective wire to ensure further damage by beavers does not occur. Work is also been done on other waterways within town limits. Efforts by town staff will continue until freeze up.

Residents who spot beaver damage in their neighborhood are encouraged to call Alberta Fish and Wildlife at 403-823-1670 or Greg Peters, Protective Services Director for the Town of Drumheller, at 403-823-1363 or email


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