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January 12, 2016

Town of Drumheller Takes Against Odor Concerns

The Town of Drumheller is fully aware of the waste water odor issues plaguing residents in the south Newcastle and east Nacmine areas of Drumheller. Sewage odors have been occurring downstream of the Royal Tyrrell Museum since its opening in 1985. The waste water from the museum flows from a septic holding tank into a second flushing tank. From there the waste water exits through a gravity line that goes underneath the Red Deer River. Due to this slow process, an odor is produced when anaerobic bacteria in the waste water create hydrogen sulfide gas.

The Town of Drumheller is working very closely with Alberta Infrastructure to remedy the situation. Officials will continue to monitor the odor issues and will intensify treatment at various locations to help reduce or eliminate the odor.

At the January 11th, 2016 council meeting, council asked administration to review changes to our utility bylaw that would strengthen enforcement options to deal with non-compliant discharges. The Town has asked the province and their consultants to review more permanent options in an effort to find a solution to the ongoing odor issues.  


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