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February 8, 2016

Town of Drumheller Addresses Rat Sighting

On February 6th the Town of Drumheller Protective Services Department received a report of a trapped rat in a yard in Drumheller. After an investigation, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has confirmed the rodent is a roof rat. Roof rats are not native to the prairies and do not like cold weather. This species of rat is found more commonly in the warm, wet areas of the East and West Coasts of Canada. Officials believe the rat entered Alberta on a vehicle which traveled from an area common to Roof Rats. These rats are usually found alone and rarely in pairs.

The Town of Drumheller Protective Services Department will be proactive to ensure this is an isolated case in Drumheller. While more rat traps will be set up in the area of the sighting, the Town asks residents to be vigilant while traveling. If residents have traveled to a warmer climate in a vehicle and have questions or concerns about roof rats please call Protective Services Director Greg Peters at 403-823-1363 or email