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Noise Control


Noise control refers to the provisions of our Town’s community enforcement policy that aims to minimize unnecessary sound pollution that can disturb both our commercial and residential areas.

These policies have been placed in order to make sure that our Town is safe from irresponsible activities that invade our privacy and encroach on our community members’ well-being.

Our regulations on noise pollution cover a range of activities and are separated by the time of day and area they are committed.

As a general rule for vehicles on Town premises, no person or vehicle shall be allowed to make noise which disturbs another such as, but not limited to:

  • Any loud outcry;
  • Clamor;
  • Music, and;
  • Excessive engine revving.

For residential developments, it is prohibited to operate the following during the night time (10 pm-7am weekdays/9am weekends and holidays):

  • A hand land mower;
  • A motorized garden tool;
  • A power tool outside of any building or structure;
  • A toy driven by an internal combustion engine;
  • A snow clearing device, and;
  • A motorized snow or leaf blowing device.

In addition, it is prohibited for persons to load or unload a truck, concrete mixer, or garbage truck in a residential development or within 150 meters of a residential development during the night time.

It is also prohibited to operate outdoor speaker systems on a parcel where a property line is within 150 meters of a residential development at night.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions to these regulations, namely:

  • Emergency vehicles;
  • Construction in residential developments during the day time regardless of the requirement of a permit;
  • The use of motorized garden tools in residential developments during the day;
  • Work on a public utility carried out privately or publicly;
  • The activities of a valid permit holder, and;
  • Any activity within the sole jurisdiction of the Government of Canada or the Province of Alberta.

For events that may cause noise, you may make a written application to our By-law Enforcement Officers. 

To report a problem related to noise control, you may submit it online through this link

For more information, please click here for a copy of the by-law or call (403) 823-1363. 

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