Parking |


We understand that our harmonious community thrives through the implementation of regulations that account for the general interest.

One of the ways through which this is made evident is the use of scarce resources to our community’s advantage.

Mundane or harmless as it may seem, parking is a major issue in places of high traffic that must be managed to facilitate commerce and industry.

In line with this, our By-law officers provide regular foot patrol for the downtown and business areas.

This ensures that all visitors to our downtown are provided a fair opportunity to access the limited parking available.

Our community enforcement personnel also conduncts random patrols in predetermined areas to ensure compliance with regulations.

When violations are detected, violation notices will be issued.

Our Traffic By-law regulates the many traffic issues in Drumheller including parking infractions such as:

  • Park over permitted time limit;
  • Park within 5 metres of a fire hydrant, crosswalk or intersection;
  • Park in fire lane;
  • Park in disabled parking stall without permit;
  • Improperly displayed permits;
  • Park obstructing a driveway;
  • Park in no parking areas;
  • Park in laneways, public utility lanes or other municipal property;
  • Driving off roadways, and;
  • Failure to obey regulatory signs.

For your convenience we have several options available to pay your notice.

We can accept payment by mail,  or in person at the Drumheller Town Hall.

Should you choose not to pay your notice on time, Provincial Court proceedings may be taken to enforce the payment of compensation.

We encourage you to take part in keeping our town organized and our facilities accessible for all.

If you would like to submit a report relating to parking control, kindly click on this link.

Want to learn more about parking in our community? Kindly refer to the designated by-laws for more details.

For further information, please call (403) 823-1363, (403) 823-6300, or (403) 823-2512.