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Sidewalk Snow Removal



The Town of Drumheller Snow and Ice Removal By-law requires property owners to enable pedestrian traffic, through clearing snow and ice from all sidewalks abutting their property, including businesses.

In cases where a residential or commercial property has frontage on both the front and the rear, snow and ice must be removed from the front sidewalk where the civic address is posted.

Sidewalks must be cleared to bare pavement or cement. Snow and ice removal must be completed within 24 hours after the end of any snowfall.

Although a landlord may pass the task of snow removal on to a tenant, the landowner is ultimately responsible for keeping the sidewalk clear.

Please refrain from moving snow or ice into the street. When possible, kindly shovel snow and ice onto an adjacent boulevard or yard or onto your property.

Seniors or disabled citizens, who may have difficulty clearing their sidewalk, are encouraged to make arrangements with a neighbor or family member.

If they cannot make other arrangements, the Community Services Seniors Coordinator can provide a list of companies or agencies that can provide snow-clearing service for a fee.

If you will be away from your home for more than 24 hours, please arrange for a neighbor, friend, family member, or contractor to care for your home and sidewalk in your absence.

Community Enforcement Officers will pro-actively patrol the Town of Drumheller or where phone or written complaints are received 24 hrs after any snowfall has stopped.


The Town appreciates citizens support in removing snow from sidewalks.

If you would like to submit a report relating to sidewalk snow removal, kindly click on this link.

Want to learn more about sidewalk snow removal in our community? Please refer to our by-laws for more information. 

For inquiries, please call our by-law officers for assistance at (403) 823-1363, our general Town number at (403) 823-6300, or our Emergency Hotline at (403) 823-2512.

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