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RCMP Record Check

Council Policy #C-04-20

M2020.88 Moved by Lacher, Zariski that Council move to adopt Criminal Record Check Policy C-04-20 as presented and amend the Service Fee Schedule to set fees for Criminal Record Checks at Forty dollars ($40 non refundable) for employment or other purposes and Zero dollars ($0) for volunteers.


1. All Name-Based Criminal Record Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks for employment or other purposes will be applied a fee according to the Service

Fee Schedule.

2. All Name-Based Criminal Record Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks for volunteers are supplied at no cost, where a volunteer letter is provided.

3. Volunteer work is charitable work where individuals are not paid or compensated for expenses and does not include volunteer work that is ordered by a court or a judicial body.

4. All applications must be brought in by the applicant.

5. All applicants must provide proof of address.

6. In the event that an applicant requires digital fingerprinting, the applicant will be required to pay an additional fee payable in cash only to the Drumheller RCMP detachment.


This policy is effective March 31st, 2020.

RCMP Record Check

Vulnerable Sector Check


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