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Town of Drumheller

Town of Drumheller

Toonie Youth Drop In

Does your child have the day off from school? The Badlands Community Facility offers Youth Drop In for children on PD days, school closures and holidays. Tell your kids to bring their friends for group activities and sports in the field house. The field house is their play ground & our staff would be happy to set up any sport they wish to play.

Curious what we have in our facility for them to entertain themselves with? We have Dodgeball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball…you name it we probably have it!

​Event Details Wednesday, January 31st
Friday, March 2nd
Friday, March 16th
Friday, April 27th
Friday, May 11th
Friday, June 1st
Friday, June 29th
Event Times
1:00PM - 4:00PM
Notes:This is applicable to the field house only. Ages 8-17. If child is under 8, will need adult supervision or someone 12 years or older.

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