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Registration Process

With us working with you, registering for a business license has never been easier!

Through this page, we plan to help you get the know-how on this seemingly daunting task. As a general rule, a person or company must be registered before carrying on business in the Town. This ensures that we create a healthy level of economic competition in the valley and that the rights of our community members are protected in a flourishing market place. This would also mean understanding the different implications of business development in some areas in the valley. For more information regarding this matter, please review our Land-use By-law. Home Occupation businesses must also have an annual Development Permit. This is to allow us to address any changes that may have occured related to the business operations. 

To apply for a business license, please download the appropriate application form below.

Upon completing the form, you may choose to submit in one of these ways:

  • Submit the form at Town Hall; 
  • Fax it to (403) 823-7739 and wait for our call, or; 
  • E-mail it to and wait for us to contact you. 

Different rates apply in different circumstances. Please be advised accordingly. For a complete listing of business licenses in our community, please click here

If you have any questions or clarifications, please contact us at (403) 823-6300 and we will do the best we can to help you.

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