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booking ice

The Drumheller Memorial Arena can also be rented on a non-ice basis; thus, allowing it to serve a wider audience and be a great venue for your town events! 

The following details and rates serve to inform you of the economic option that is our local arena: 


Hourly Rate

Local, Non-commercial

$166.00 + GST

Local, Commercial

$166.00 + GST

Non Local

$183.50 + GST

Please note the following details: 

  • If you require a clean-up crew for your event, our town crew charges $400.00 per hour.
  • Rates will be negotiated on a per event basis for larger events. 
  • Town staff will be arranged to open and close the facility. 

In addition, Persons renting the arena floor space during the off season for a three day or more event shall be allowed the use of the arena floor space on the day before and/or the day after the event, at a reduced daily rental rate (hourly rate x 8 hours) equal to one-half the normal daily rental rate. This provision is established to accommodate extra time that the renter may need to set up and/or disassemble any structures or displays necessary for the event but is not intended for the purpose of running the event itself.

The renter will be responsible for advising Facilities Staff if either of these extra days is required when booking the facility.

For more information about booking the Memorial Arena for your events, please call (403) 823-1324.