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Residential Waste Collection

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We take pride in our reliable waste collection service.  

A residential unit refers to an area actually used as a dwelling and consists of 4 or fewer self-contained suites. 

As a general rule, waste cannot accumulate on your property.

Notably, owners or occupants are responsible for maintaining the area at the back of their property in a tidy condition.

In addition, waste cannot be burned outdoors.

It is also prohibited to leave the following items outside for waste collection: 

  • Chemical or industrial waste;
  • Medical or biohazard waste;
  • Dead animals or animal parts;
  • Automobile waste;
  • Sawdust;
  • Building material, and;
  • Liquids.

We collect your waste on the designated days as outlined in this map.

During these times, your waste should be ready for pick-up by 7 am.

Here are some important collection reminders:

  • To encourage recycling, the municipality has a 5-bag limit on residential waste collection;
  • Waste bags used must be made of materials capable of bearing the weight of its contents without tearing or breaking when lifted;
  • They must also be securely tied and fastened in such a way that the contents are fully enclosed in the bag before placement inside the waste receptacle;
  • Waste carts must not be filled to a height greater than 5 cm from the top and shall be cleaned out regularly by the resident to avoid the build-up of odors;
  • For an efficient service, we wish to remind you that residents must refrain from placing waste receptacles at unsafe, obstructed, or poorly maintained locations, and; 
  • Waste collectors must be able to have access to the receptacle without entering onto private property.

If you have questions about residential waste collection please call our infrastructure team on 403 823 1330.

The Drumheller Bottle Depot will be more than happy to assist you regarding beverage containers. For inquiries, please contact (403) 823-4612.

For items considered to be outside the scope of conventional household waste, the Landfill accepts the following:

  • Used oil, oil jugs, and filters; 
  • Household toxic wastes;
  • Burn barrels: need to be identified and the burned material must be extinguished for 3 weeks prior to acceptance; 
  • Tires (rims included); 
  • Propane tanks, and;
  • Pressurized cylinders.

Dropping-off hard to handle waste at the landfill has never been easier.

If you wish to do so, kindly click on this link for more information.

For more information about our Residential Waste Collection Program, please consult our by-laws or call the Drumheller & District Regional Landfill at (403) 823-1345.