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Are you a parent with a new baby? 

Will your baby be 2-4 months old in October? 

You and your baby could be a Roots of Empathy Family!


'Roots of Empathy is about changing the world, child by child' (Mary Gordon, Founder/President)

This program recommenced at schools in Drumheller in October 2016 and we want to carry on - but we need YOUR help! 

We're looking for parents with new babies who will be 2-4 months old in September/October to get involved with a fantastic scheme to help school children to learn to care for and respect each other. 


What we do

This award winning program has been bringing the wisdom of parents and babies into classrooms since 1996. Classes are taught by a certified Roots of Empathy Instructor whi is trained to give lessons on how a baby grows, naming and talking about feelings, and thinking about the feelings of others. 


What a Roots of Empathy Family Does

The heart of Roots of Empathy is the neighbourhood parent and infant who join the instructor in the classroom for Family Visits. There are 9 family visits during the school year and each is about 30 minutes long.

Our program celebrates the power of the family in the development of the baby as a person. We will ask you to share with students how it feels to be a parent and talk about how your baby is growing and learning. Students will have lots of questions about your baby and what it's like to be a parent.


Our Commitment to You 

At the start of the academic year, the instructor will come to your home to talk about how the program will run and answer any questions you may have.

The instructor will call before each of the 9 classroom visits to talk about the theme for the visit. The instructor will tell you about questions the students asked since the last Family Visit. 

Your baby will be loved by every student and be a star in the schhol and your family will be helping to build caring, peaceful and civil societies. 

Find out more  here

or contact April Harrison (FCSS Coordinator): 403-823-1315 or Louise Henrickson (Instructor): 403-823-8300




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