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Len Denbrok is the owner/operator of Tech-Rex Canada, a store dedicated to providing refurbished technology to folks who don’t necessarily need to buy a new computer or cell phone.

Just over a year ago Denbrok felt the time was right to become his own boss and start up his business in Drumheller.

“I wanted to do something different compared to other places in town and that’s why I do factory refurbished” stated Denbrok.

After 10 years working at a large department store in Drumheller he felt he wanted to do something new.

It was January of 2014 when he decided to become a small business owner in Drumheller.

He admits his wife was a bit hesitant towards the idea.

“My wife wanted me to actually get a job but I felt I was done working for other people, I just want to do my own thing and starting up a business will be hard, but she came around to the idea and even picked out the name.”

After doing some research they realized nobody in Canada had the name Tech-Rex and decided that given Drumheller’s reputation as being the dinosaur capital of the world this would be a great name for the new business.

He has now been in operation for over a year and Denbrok says business has been great so far.

“The people of Drumheller have really embraced what we do here. I’m selling more refurbished laptops than I thought I was going too. I wasn’t expecting to fix phone screens until 2015 and I actually started 3 months after I opened the store.”

Denbrok gets all of his refurbished laptop computers from a refurbishing plant in Ontario.

In most cases, the computers are brand new, however a small scratch or a slight blemish on the outer casing prevents that computer company from selling it as new.

These computers are removed from the assembly line and sent to refurbishing places where businesses like Denbrok’s can get them at a reduced cost.

Len Denbrok knows that customer service is of utmost importance when you’re a small business owner.

“Customers are looking to get that great price and the big thing is service. If I don’t stand behind the products than nobody is going to buy from me, so customer service is my most important philosophy.”

Today, Tech-Rex is busier than ever and it’s not just Drumheller that is supporting him.

Denbrok says he has over 23 customers from Three Hills, 50 from Hanna, and 3 from Calgary who come strictly for the excellent service.

Tech-Rex is located at 1102-A Highway 9 South in Drumheller and will accept donations of old computers, laptops, and keyboards.

They’re open Tuesday to Saturday from 10a-7p. Call (403) 823-TECH or find them on Facebook and Twitter for information.

If you know of a Drumheller business story that should be told, please email the Economic Development Officer or call (403) 823-1320.