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Success Stories

“It’s a family run business” explains Darcy Hems of Hems Heating and Air Conditioning in Drumheller.

He and his Dad have been working together and serving Drumheller and area for 12 years now.

“My Dad is a wealth of knowledge. He’s been in this trade for over 50 years and to have him along side me is great” exclaims Hems.

They are not restricted to just residential work, they do quite a bit of commercial work as well.

Hems Heating and Air Conditioning does a lot of work for hotels in regards to HVAC technical work and to date have worked on 22 different Ramada franchises across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

As for residential, they specialize in repairing central air units as well as furnaces.

The majority of business happens in Drumheller for Hems, however they will go out of town to service customers in neighboring communities as well.

“Three Hills, Trochu, Acme, and we’ve gone as far as Calgary for residential applications” says Hems.

Being a heating and air conditioning company they certainly get their share of questions from customers, the most common being about the proper length of time between servicing.

The majority of calls in the winter are about furnace repairs while air conditioning malfunctions dominate the summer calls.

“I enjoy meeting new people and working for people who are good customers” explains Hems when asked about why he enjoys doing business in Drumheller.

“I’ve lived in Drumheller for over 40 years and the people around here are friendly, courteous, and if you treat them with respect they’ll treat you with respect which is great” gushes Hems.

Darcy and his father Peter Hems of Hems Heating and Air Conditioning is another Drumheller success story and they are very proud of their community and customers.

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