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RJ Flowers

Chances are if you’ve ever been to a funeral or a wedding in Drumheller or just needed some “just because” flowers, you’ve seen the extraordinary bouquets from R&J Flowers, downtown Drumheller.

“It has been a family owned business since 1951. My Dad’s aunt started it, my Dad took it over in 1971, and I took it over in 1996 after my Mom passed away” explains current owner and flower extraordinaire Jolene Powell.

When one walks into the store you’re greeted by the fresh smell of flowers, stunning bouquets, and fantastic gift ideas. It’s a cheerful environment where the staff has a passion for what they do.

“I love the feeling you get from people. My Dad always said flowers whisper what words can’t say. There is something about the look on someone’s face when they get flowers. It’s just a happy fun place to be” beams Powell.

As one could imagine there is quite a creative process behind developing proper flower arrangements. According to Powell it takes at least two years of working in the flower industry to become a beginner designer of flowers arrangements.

“You can go to school for it but it really has a lot to do with hands on work and lots of practice. We’re constantly learning and there are different design techniques to understand” says Powell.

The busiest times of the year for R&J Flowers are Christmas, Valentines, and Mother’s Day.

Are roses really the best to purchase on Valentine’s Day? Well, according to Powell, they are so popular that the demand on the flower growers/suppliers to provide roses is huge.

This means flower growers/suppliers have to stock pile enough roses to meet the demand for that one day. Therefore the quality and price of the roses may not be as good compared to purchasing them at other times throughout the year.

Powell recommends buying a different variety of flower for Valentine’s Day....and you’re welcome for the hint, guys!

Although she does some orders outside of Drumheller, the majority of Powell’s business comes from the Drumheller community.

“I love the people. It’s like the Cheers theme song “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” I like seeing the same names, the same smiles, and the trust you have with people is the best part about being in a small town.”

Jolene Powell and her staff at R&J Flowers is this month’s success story!

You can find them at 40-3rd Ave E in Drumheller or call (403) 823-2792.

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