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SJ Fashions

One word best describes a downtown core. Unique. Downtowns everywhere, including Drumheller, pride themselves on having a unique flavour that one cannot find in other areas of a community. It’s no big secret that being unique and providing fantastic customer service are two cornerstones to success.

SJ Fashions is a downtown Drumheller clothing store that provides women’s clothes for all ages and sizes. While many of today’s clothing stores are large retail outlets located along main travel routes, SJ Fashions remains in a downtown character building combined with old fashioned shopkeeper hospitality. The store employs 6 people, Shirley Briault, Sherry Bitz, Jane Dupuis, Sandra Grenville, Angela Klassen, Joann Werschaler, and 3 high school students.

“customer service and being friendly with people on a one to one basis is what beats the big box stores” says Shirley Briault owner of SJ Fashions, who’s worked in fashion retail for over 20 years.

“My first job was at Lou’s Fashions in Stettler and that’s what got me going in this industry explained Briaut.

“My husband got transferred to Drumheller so I worked at Laval’s Fashions when I first moved to Drumheller 15 years ago and when he went out of business he gave me a chance to start the business in Drumheller” says Briault.

Top quality brand name clothes from sizes 2 to 3X are found in this downtown store and according to Briault she’s seeing a lot more sales of leggings and long tops with lots of color these days.

So what does she love most about doing business in Drumheller? “Being in a small community and the people. It’s beautiful, it’s different, it’s interesting, and there is a lot to do in Drumheller.”

SJ Fashions is this month’s Drumheller success story. Find them at 25 3rd Ave West in Drumheller and don’t forget to look for them on Facebook. If you know of a Drumheller business story that should be told, please email the Economic Development Officer at or call 403-823-1320.