Sustainability Plan |
Sustainability Plan


We do our best to overcome challenges to our community's development in a way that addresses our current issues without compromising our future resources. 

For this reason, the Town of Drumheller is guided by a Municipal Sustainability Plan (MSP) , a document that outlines the organization's visions and strategies on the five pillars of our valley's growth: 

  • Environmental; 
  • Cultural; 
  • Economic; 
  • Social, and; 
  • Governance. 

This document recognizes that the hurdles in these areas are inextricably linked but can be addressed in collectively powerful ways.

It operates on the assumption that we cannot, as a society, continue to live beyond our means if we are to succeed in the long-term. 

The role of the MSP  is to set targets as a roadmap to where energy efficient technologies are the norm and resource conservation is wide ranging.

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If you are curious about how it is currently being implemented and would like to be part of the change, click here for the MSP Implementation Plan .