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Swim Schedule


October 2019

To download a copy of our schedule, please click here.

Please note the following special times in October:

  • Oct 11 - Extra toonie swim 1-4 pm
  • Oct 14 (Thanksgiving) - Lane Swim 11:30-1 pm, Public Swim 1-4 pm, all other programs cancelled on this date
  • Oct 31 - closed at 6 pm


Public Swim

Open to all! This is a time where the toys are out, equipement is out, fun is had!

Family Swim

Open to families, parents/guardians and those in their care.

All children must be accompanied by an adult for this swim time.

Parent & Tot

Open to parents/guardians and their little ones, a great time for introduction to the pool environment without a lot of the hustle and bustle of public or family swim times.

Lane Swim

Open to everyone, this time is for those swimmers wishing to do their own workout, while keeping to a lane style format.

Flutterboards, flippers and other fitness equipement is available during this time. 

Designated Lane

During this time, one lane is set aside during other programs.

Aquafit Classes

Who says you don't sweat in the water!

These instructor-lead classes will keep you moving and grooving in the water:

  • Aquafit: Low impact (or no impact in deep water) and with extra resistance because of the water, this program will get your heart pumping and your muscles engaged.  Can be done in the shallow end or the deep end with the assistance of a floatation belt or a noodle.
  • Senior Aquafit: Similar to our Aquafit program, this program's goal is to train for functional fitness so that participants can continue to enjoy independence in their day to day life.  Can be done in the shallow end or the deep end.   
  • Water Therapy: This slower paced class focuses on using the wonderful properties of the water to work on joint and muscle movement and function. 


It's a party in the water! Come join us for this Latin-inspired dance workout, with a splash of water.  And don't worry about the moves, just keep moving!