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Tax Certificates


We understand that acquiring a tax certificate plays an important role in your life as responsible home owner.

Looking to sell your home or refinance your mortgage? You are going to need a tax certificate to show that your taxes are current.

A Tax Certificate is a document outlining the total taxes for your property.

It specifically details information on your outstanding balance that may be due in the future if already billed.

If you are registered with us as a law firm, you can obtain a tax certificate by using our online service.

To begin using this, you must set-up an account with us by calling our general phone line at (403) 823-6300.

From here, we will be able to give you your account details that will allow you to order one online.

We accept cheques at the Town for each order; thus, making it convenient for you to transact with us.

On another note, your Accounts Receivable will be automatically billed the current fee.

Otherwise, you can attend Town Hall to obtain the Tax Certificate directly.

Please be advised that items that are land based may be charged directly to, and become part of, the property taxes.

These include snow or weed removal, cleanup orders, legal actions, and unpaid utility bills

Please verify the balance owing by telephone with Town Hall for items that might not have yet been charged to the property taxes.

Getting a tax certificate with us is an experience that we would like you to enjoy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Tax Certificates, you may reach us at (403) 823-6300.

Our dedicated clerks at Town Hall will do their best to address your inquiries.

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