How to Read my Water Meter |
How to Read my Water Meter



We want you to be part of our community effort to conserve water and create an environmentally sustainable Town.

While it is true that there are a number of ways for us to conserve water, one usually overlooked method is knowing how to read your water meter.

Your meter is a device that allows you to track the follow of water in your household.

This also serves to monitor your consumption to determine its equivalent cost.

That said, knowing how to read your water meter not only avoids the use of unnecessary water, it also saves you money!

The water utility will ready our water meter for billing purposes, but should you wish to monitor your own consumption, here’s how:

  • Shine a flashlight over the flashlight icon located on the register to activate the LCD display;
  • Take a reading at a set time of the day;
  • Take a 2nd reading at the same time the next day, and;
  • The different between the 2 readings is your daily water consumption.

Nevertheless, note that when the register display is first activated via flashlight, all icons will be briefly displayed followed by firmware information.

The register display will then toggle every 4 seconds, displaying the reading and then the flow rate.

That said, when the display indicates “RATE”, the flow rate per minute is being displayed.

When looking at your LCD monitor, the faucet on the left serves as your leak indicator and will change depending on the following:





There are no leaks in your home.


Refers to the water usage for more than 50% of the time in a 24-hour period.

Continuous ON

There is most likely a leak in your home.


On the other hand, the double-headed arrow on the right aims to display the flow of water in your home and will change depending on the following:





Water is in use in your home.


Water is not in use in your home.


The water is running slowly in your home.


The water is in reverse flow.


The water is in forward flow.


This small act translates to a big difference in the perspective of our entire Town.

Guided by this page, it is our hope that our community is one step closer towards avoiding leaks and unnecessary spending for our water bills.

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